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Overview of the Museum


Established in 1954 by the late Dr. J. Bruce Hamilton to display historic maps, documents, paintings and other artifacts relating to the landing at Adventure Bay by famous explorers such as: Tasman - 1642, Furneaux - 1773, Cook - 1777, Bligh - 1777, 1788, 1792 and 1809, D'Entrecasteaux - 1792 and 1793, Bass and Flinders - 1798, Baudin - 1802 and others.


About 26,000 convict made bricks created at Variety Bay, North Bruny, in 1846, were used in the construction.​ The foundation stone was laid on the 9th of September 1954 to commemorate 200th anniversary of Vice Admiral William Bligh's birth.



History of the exploration of the pacific ocean from 1642 to 2000 with special mention to those relating to Bruny Island and Adventure Bay such as: James Cook, William Bligh, Abel Tasman and many more.

Location and Opening Times


The museum is located at 876 Adventure Bay Road, Bruny Island Tasmania, Australia.

Opening hours

Sun to Sat - 10am to 4pm

or by special arrangement out of these hours









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